One of the main goals of  The Carolina Oasis Lawn Care Program is to protect against weed infiltration. The most common lawn weeds in the York County area are: crabgrass, dallisgrass, dandelions, plantain, spurge, sow thistle,  and white clover. These weeds steal resources and nutrients meant for your lawn and can spread rapidly. These weeds create an unsightly lawn that requires frequent cutting to conceal the faster growing weeds invading the turf. Let Carolina Oasis create a custom Turf Herbicide Plan specific to your lawn based on the conditions and problems we observe.
In addition to herbicides the biggest defense against weed invasion is to grow your lawn as healthy and thickly as possible. Carolina Oasis will create a fertilization plan to grow your lawn thick and dense.  A fertilization plan in conjunction with core aeration, lime, dethaching, and overseeding can give you thick turf that creates conditions that weeds find undesirable to grow and take root. Thick turf also maintains good amounts of water in the soil by providing shade and slowing evaporation. Dried out soil can make it easier for weeds to take root with most lawns needing at least an inch of water per week to remain healthy. Lastly by mowing high, you can help create a canopy that keeps sunlight from reaching the seedling weeds. Part of keeping your yard healthy  Carolina Oasis has several recommended fertilizing schedules to fit any type of turf grass on any type of budget.

Lawn Treatment Services


The Six PM Program Essentials

Monitoring - This includes regular site inspections and samples to determine the types of weeds and pests, and infestation levels  at each site.

Record-Keeping - Information recorded at every inspection or treatment should include identification, distribution, recommendations for future prevention, and complete information on the treatment action.

Action Levels - Weeds and pests are virtually never eradicated. An action level is the population size which requires remedial action for human health, economic, or aesthetic reasons.

Prevention - Preventive measures must be incorporated into the treatment plan.  Prevention is and should be the primary means of pest control in an PM program.

Tactics  - Chemicals should be used only be when used, the least-toxic materials have been chosen, and applied to minimize exposure to humans and all non-target organisms.

Evaluation - A regular evaluation program is essential to determine the success of the pest management strategies.

Weed & Pest Control Plans

Carolina Oasis will work with you to create a plan that best suits the type of lawn and the conditions of your property. Our lawn herbicide, lawn and ornamental pest control, mosquito and fire ant treatments are guaranteed to be performed in environmentally responsible ways so you can rest assured that your family will be safe, the job will be done right, and it will be done at an affordable price! No matter what your property needs to perform its best one of our treatment plans will fit your needs.

*Carolina Oasis is licensed with the SC Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).